“I was Henk’s direct supervisor during his time as an Expert Consultant at IG&H Consulting in The Netherlands.
He was not only a very good expert in the application of Information technology within Financial services. He also demonstrated his ability to make complex issues simple and understandable, for C-level as well as business and IT management. Henk is pragmatic and execution focused and received excellent reviews from customers. They highly appreciated the added value he brought, the quality of his advise and the dedication as a team member in the implementation of the solution.
At IG&H Henk was able to develop himself beyond his technical and business expertise into an effective and inspiring manager. With his passion for technology and writing external publications, he helped IG&H to be recognized as a thought leader in Financial Services.”

Henk has demonstrated his commitment in changing the traditional IT environment to support the fast-changing face of the insurance industry. He impressed us with his business/ICT alignment and communication/collaboration approach to IT management.  Henk well understands well how to use IT tools to enhance business performance.”

Judging panel Hong Kong CIO Awards, Computerword Hong Kong & CIO-connect

“Henk’s strategic insight in IT and its application to our business functions within FTLife (formerly known as Ageas Insurance Co (Asia)) were invaluable to me during my tenure as CEO of the company. He actively engaged in business discussions and strategic projects and, as a result, our IT strategies were well aligned with our business priorities. Henk continuously challenged the status-quo and identified opportunities to implement the latest technology. Our company was therefore recognized as a pioneer and leader in the use of mobile applications at all customer touchpoints. We were also one of the first insurance companies to adopt cloud-based solutions for our agents and built a new Wealth management platform based on Cloud infrastructure.
Henk had an excellent relationship with his business stakeholders. He worked closely with them to understand their objectives and priorities and then ensure that his teams delivered projects and IT solutions in line with these expectations.
For initiatives where he was involved, I had the comfort that a quality solution would be delivered where all required aspects had been considered. The industry awards of our company for mobile apps and particularly his CIO award in 2015 were great achievements and recognized these attributes.”