The Innoxcell Annual Symposium 2016 Series is the largest and most comprehensive legal and regulatory compliance conference around the globe. This is the ‘one-of-a-kind’ conferences that attracted 2000+ people in Asia in 2015 and it will be held in 6 locations in 2016: Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Australia, United States and United Kingdom. IAS 2016 cover topics such as Anti-corruption, eDiscovery, Fraud prevention, Financial Crime Analysis Governance, Risk and Compliance and many more.

Collaboration and Co-operation Efforts within IT and Legal to combat cybercrime
Cyber Crime is no longer a matter exclusively for the IT department. Today, cybercrime and data protection require that General Counsel get involved continuously, and be prepared to act quickly in the event data breach.
This session, the speakers will share how to prepare for Data Breach cases and the response plan it needed for Legal and IT.

Panel discussion:


  • Jacen Loke, Director, EY


  • Henk ten Bos, Chief Information Officer, Information Technology & Change Management Office, Ageas Insurance Company
  • Lim Shih Hsien, Head, Information Security, Hong Kong Jockey Club