The question facing leaders everywhere is what to invest in today that will bring success tomorrow? Businesses can choose to compete by making incremental gains or take bolder innovation leaps that change the game for everyone – which option will your leaders take?
With coming trends like the Internet of things and the heightened need to transform business for the digital era, new levels of connectivity, data analytics and real-time capability will be critical to success.

Businesses must embark on the journey of transformation from IT optimization to business innovation and social innovation with the catalysts of cloud, big data and mobile in a hyper-connected world. This conference will discuss on how to use the power of ICT to shape a human-centric innovation to bring better living and smarter business.

Fujitsu-2014--2Executive panel session: CIO priorities in 2015 – a deep dive into cloud, analytics and customer experience in the digital world

Carol Ko, Deputy Editor, Computerworld Hong Kong


  • Henk ten Bos, Chief Information Officer, Ageas
  • Richard Lord, Regional Chief Information Officer – Asia Pacific, Publicis Groupe
  • Stuart Smith, Chief Service Innovation Practice, INSTITUTE OF SYSTEMS SCIENCE – NUS
  • Albert Wong, General Manager, Managed Services, Fujitsu Hong Kong

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